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The Journal of International Law & Politics Online

Beginning with Volume 52 of the print publication, N.Y.U. Journal of International Law & Politics began incorporating digital essays, or Online Annotations, written by Staff Editors, as part of its output. As JILP Online has developed, we have added Online Articles and Online Notes into our collection of digital publications, as part of what is known as the “Online Forum.” In addition to these more traditional pieces, the Journal is excited to announce the launch of the JILP Blog, a space for shorter pieces showcasing an opinion, recommendations, or discussion about recent events impacting international law and politics.

A full archive of our Online Forum publications can be found here.

For more information about each of these publication types, please see below.

Online Articles

Online Articles present an opportunity for students, academics and practitioners from around the world to publish their work in JILP’s Online Forum. These pieces are generally shorter than traditional print articles and are intended to spotlight and assist those authors who may not otherwise be familiar with standard U.S. legal journal publication requirements. Authors go through several rounds of edits with JILP’s Online and Senior Online Editors and pieces are formatted in the traditional style of print articles.

For information about the Online Article submission process, please click here.

Online Annotations

Traditionally, the Journal of International Law & Politics published staff editor book reviews as book annotations in the print editions of the Journal. However, beginning with Volume 52, a portion of our staff editors began publishing online annotations instead. These annotations are short essays written by our own staff editors and published on the Online Forum. In addition to demonstrating the expertise of our staff and encouraging deeper engagement with issues in international law and politics, we hope that our new online annotations program will contribute to the diversity of topics that the Journal covers.

Online Notes

Through the Online Notes program, JILP publishes student notes on our Online Forum separately from any print volume. If you are an NYU Law student interested in submitting a piece for consideration as an Online Note, please contact the Senior Notes Editor at for information on deadlines, requirements, and the submission process.

To view the Online Notes JILP has published, please click here.


The Journal is pleased to announce the creation of the JILP Blog in the Spring of 2022 as a part of Volume 54! The Blog is intended to be a space for legal commentators, scholars, students, and practitioners to publish short works advocating for a position, educating on a topic, or providing suggestions on current events. The Blog is currently in its soft opening stage, so be sure to check back for more information regarding post submissions.

To access the Blog, please click here.

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