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JILP Seeking L.L.M. Graduate Editors

JILP is currently soliciting applications for membership on the journal from NYU LL.M. students. Those who are accepted will be “Graduate Editors” on JILP, and will be responsible for three hours per week of office hours and for fulfilling other additional periodic responsibilities throughout the term. Graduate Editors’ duties will consist of reading and assessing articles submitted to the journal, assisting in the production of student Notes within their fields of specialty, and also, in some cases, aiding in editorial and citation-checking work.  JILP is focused on building out its online content to provide more opportunities for all members, including Graduate Editors, to publish short comments and longer articles.  Graduate Editors will be involved in both reading and reviewing material for online publication as part of this initiative.  Graduate Editors will serve on the journal for one year, and commitment to fulfilling relevant responsibilities in a timely and reliable fashion is an absolute requirement for membership.

Interested students should submit a resume, personal statement and short writing sample (optional) to the contact below by Friday, September 14. The personal statement should express the applicant’s interest in and familiarity with international law (as broadly understood), emphasizing in particular the applicant’s background, language skills, and research interests. It should also clearly express a dedication to fulfilling the responsibilities of a Graduate Editor, as outlined above. The personal statement should be no more than 1,000 words long, and the resume no more than two pages long.  A writing sample is not required, but will be considered if submitted.  The writing sample should be a piece of legal or academic writing of no more than ten pages (an excerpt of a longer article is fine). It need not be focused on international law.

Please contact Eric Broad, Graduate Editor Coordinator, at

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