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J.I.L.P. Online Forum Archive

Volume 54 (2021-2022)

Volume 54, Summer Edition – Summer 2021

Volume 53 (2020-2021)


Online Annotations

Volume 53, Number 1 – Fall 2020

Volume 53, Number 2 – Winter 2021

Volume 53, Number 3 – Spring 2021

Volume 52 (2019-2020)

Articles & Notes

Volume 52 – Winter–Spring 2020



Online Annotations

The NYU Journal of International Law & Politics is excited to introduce a new component of the Journal: online annotations, short essays written by our own staff editors published on the Online Forum. Traditionally, the Journal of International Law & Politics publishes staff editor book reviews as book annotations in the print editions of the Journal. However, beginning with Volume 52, a portion of our staff editors will publish online annotations instead. In addition to demonstrating the expertise of our staff and encouraging deeper engagement with issues in international law and politics, we hope that our new online annotations program will contribute to the diversity of topics that the Journal covers.

Volume 52, Number 1 – Fall 2019

Volume 52, Number 2 – Winter 2020

Volume 52, Number 3 – Spring 2020


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