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Ryan Goodman on Detention in Armed Conflict

NYU Professor Ryan Goodman is among the many esteemed contributors to the latest entry in the U.S. Naval War College’s International Law Studies (Blue Book) Series.  This volume of the Series is titled The War in Afghanistan: A Legal Analysis.  In his entry, Rationales for Detention: Security Threats and Intelligence Value, Goodman argues that International Humanitarian Law prohibits unlawful detention in non-international armed conflicts, and warns against using intelligence-gathering as an independent reason for detaining individuals.  The entire Blue Book series is available for free download at the link above.

Prof. Goodman, along with Prof. Derek Jinks, recently introduced the JILP Forum on Direct Participation in Hostilities (Issue 42:3).  The latest entry in the Blue Book series also includes contributions from Forum participants W. Hays Parks, Michael N. Schmitt, and Kenneth Watkin.  Prof. Schmitt edited the volume.

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