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Welcoming a new staff

The NYU Journal of International Law and Politics is pleased to introduce the members of its 2010-2012 staff.  As a student-run journal at the best international law program in the U.S., JILP provides a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the rich world of international law scholarship.  Welcome aboard!

Like many student-run journals in the U.S., the Journal of International Law and Politics selects its staff through an anonymous process that evaluates their knowledge of and experience with international law, their writing and editing skills, and their academic performance.  This year saw particularly fierce competition for the limited number of spaces on our staff, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Hit the jump for the names of our new staff editors, and vist the About page for the complete masthead.

Congratulations to:

Jessica Borowick, Valerie J. Brender, Seungwon Chung, Eli Corin, Amanda Dewyer, Thomas D. Earnest, Darren Geist, Lisa K. Goodrich, Victoria Y. Ha, Alice Huling, Mercy O. Imahiyerobo, Loui Itoh, Terra C. Judge, Maxwell A. Kardon, Daniel F. Kesack, Sarah L. Koper, Samuel B. Litton, Lauren B. Major, Kenneth C. Michaels, Corinne M. Milliken, Marcus Y. Oda, Kaitlyn J. Oschwald, Jimmy Pan, Susanna Park, David L. Perechocky, Amanda G. Ploch, Mayya Prokupets, Benjamin M. Saper, Aaron D. Saunders, Kara M. Scheiden, Samantha L. Schott, Shawn J. Sebastian, John M. Senior, Jeffrey D. Stein, Lisa B. Sweat, Julia Tong, Alexis L. Tucker, Kaveri Vaid, Rachel A. Weise, and Evan T. Yu

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