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JILP is composed of a Senior Board, 3L Article/Notes/Symposium/Book Annotation Editors, 2L Staff Editors, and LL.M. Graduate Editors.

Selection Criteria

Staff Editors are second-year J.D. candidates who are selected from participants in NYU’s annual writing competition. (JILP membership is also open to a select number of transfer students through a separate competition.) JILP seeks students who are dedicated to producing a superior scholarly publication. When evaluating Staff Editors, we consider performance in the spring writing competition and a required personal statement, and we also give some consideration to grades. We also look for students with a demonstrated interest in international law, which students may show through having taken International Law as a 1L elective, ranking the Journal highly, or discussing international work, study, or travel experiences in their personal statements. In keeping with the stated mission of the Journal, we have a strong and continuing commitment to recruiting Staff Editors and other members who bring with them the widest possible diversity of experiences and backgrounds.

Third Year

Board Positions: In the spring, Staff Editors may apply for Senior Board positions which become effective following Spring Break. The Senior Board is selected by the previous Board, and is responsible for the management of the Journal. This year, the board consists of the following positions

  • Editor-in-Chief and two Managing Editors: Responsible for general operations.
  • Book Annotation Editor: Oversees the editing and selection of short book reviews.
  • Developments Editor: Responsible for the logistical operations of the journal, and for planning the writing competition.
  • Four Executive Editors: Oversee the work of the 2L staff editors, focusing on citation and source checking.
  • Three Senior Articles Editors: Responsible for content selection.
  • Two Senior Notes Editors: Run the notes program (see below).
  • Senior Symposium Editor: Plan and execute the annual JILP symposium

Non-Board Positions: Third-year students who do not work on the board assist the Book Annotation, Senior Articles, Senior Notes, or Senior Symposium editors.

LL.M. Students

Selection: Graduate Editors are LL.M. students selected in September based on their personal statements and resumes.

Opportunities: Graduate Editors may submit Notes and Book Reviews, read and evaluate articles submitted for publication, act as advisors to JILP members writing Notes, contribute to the ongoing updates of the Guide to Foreign and Interntional Legal Citation, and participate in other Journal activities, including working with students on their Notes and organizing the symposium.

JILP is not currently soliciting applications for membership on the journal for the 2017-18 school year.

Life at JILP

JILP sponsors a number of social and scholarly events during the academic year, culminating with a banquet in the spring. All Journal members are invited and encouraged to attend these functions.

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